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Vendors listed on this page are not affiliated with Kelble Imagery. They represent vendors that we have worked with or that have been recommended to us by our clients. We never solicit fees from vendors to be included in our list. Although we strive to include only reputable vendors that conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity, please understand that we cannot be held not responsible for the conduct and performance of these vendors. If you are a wedding vendor that would like to be included,  you would like to suggest a vendor for our list or feel that a vendor should be removed from this list, please email us. For more information on our vendor list policy, please contact us. Thank you. 



DJ/Entertainment Services

Two Gals Catering

1020 Orange Street Steelton PA 17113

(717) 939-2858

Sweet Confections Cakes

4713 Queen Avenue Harrisburg, Pa 17109


Juke Box Hits

1 South Market Street Duncannon, PA 17020

(717) 834.6249


Elevated Balloon Decor (Balloon Art)

Main St., Womelsdorf PA


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