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Online ("e-ordering") Overview and General Instructions:

Welcome to Kelble Imagery's Online Ordering. First, please understand that this "e-ordering" solution is brand-new and still in beta testing. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Second, at this time we do not accept payments as part of the e-ordering process. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is it allows us to carefully review each order before we invoice you. You also will have the opportunity to review your order before paying the invoice and before we begin production to eliminate errors. 

Most importantly, it is critical that you use the actual IMAGE # when you order.  To locate the image number, please see below.

Finally, if you are having difficulty placing your e-order, please see the FAQ below.

Thank you for your patience while we launch this system.

Online Ordering: FAQs

Q: How is the ordering process organized?

A: First, you'll enter the image number of the photo which you like. Please see above to find the image number (please enter the entire image number, including any "suffixes").  Next, you'll enter the size you want to order, the quantity for that size and if you'd like the print framed. If you'd like to order another size of the same image, click the "Add Item" tab.  If you wish to order a print of another image, click the "Add Image" tab. 

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