Eorder FAQ - kelbleimagery

Why don't you list prices on the E-Order site? We previously listed pricing on our e-order site. However, this was confusing to clients who were ordering items which were included as part of their service agreement with us (which they have already paid for). Pricing may also vary between session types and for certain other reason (such as if this is the initial order or a reorder or if options were added). Additionally, we were not able to process discounts or other adjustments on the e-order form. This caused the prices shown on the order form to be deceptive, as the actual price may have been higher or lower. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to create an e-commerce site which takes all factors into consideration before displaying a price. In order to eliminate confusion, prices were eliminate from the e-order form.  

How do I know how much your prints are? The correct pricing will be shown on your invoice, but it is important to remember that you may always cancel or change your order once you receive the invoice (see below). If you would like to know our pricing before you place an order, please email us at dean@kelbleimagery.com.  

Can I cancel or change my order?  Yes. Once you receive your invoice, you must approve it before we begin production on your order. If you'd like to cancel or change your order, contact us before you approve or pay your invoice. Once your order has been approved and is in production, you cannot change or cancel your order.

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