Thank you for viewing the Kelble Imagery Wedding Galleries. 

All images are Copyrighted by Kelble Imagery and may not be copied or reproduced without written permission.

We have taken care to ensure that the appropriate permission for photography has been obtained when necessary for each photograph posted. If you, or someone you are a parent or guardian to (at the time the picture was taken), appear in one or more photograph, and you did not provide permission, or would  like your photograph removed, please contact Kelble Imagery.  After reviewing your request, we will remove the photograph unless the request is deemed inappropriate or unreasonable. We may require supporting documentation, such as additional photographs and a notarized copy of a government-issued photo ID,  to substantiate your request before a decision is made. A request may be deemed inappropriate or unreasonable if we cannot determine that the request is being made by a person appearing the photograph or their parent/guardian; the person is not identifiable in the photograph; an appropriate release is on file for the person making the request; or any circumstance where a legal release may not be needed to publish the photograph. We may elect to comply with a request to remove a photograph even if the request was deemed inappropriate or unreasonable without loosing our rights to deny a request under similar circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices or use of photographs, please contact Kelble Imagery.

Thank you for your understanding.

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