Model/Rep Program FAQs

Q:  What do you mean by an "EXTREME" Senior Portrait?

A:  We're looking for senior portraits that are exciting, captivating and compelling; not ones taken in front of backdrops.  The images may be taken indoors or outdoors, but we're not looking for someone to stand next to a tree.  Depending on the idea, the portrait may be "posed" or an "action shot" where you're actively doing something.  Extreme pictures may be sports related, an interesting hobby or just a really cool location.  Basically, we're looking for ideas we haven't seen before, and never thought of!  There are no rules here:  Use your imagination, be creative and think outside the box!  If the final portrait will make for a stunning, visually-exciting image, then it counts as an "extreme" portrait!

Q:  Do I have to be the best-looking female/male in the school?

A:   No.  In fact, we don't ask for a picture or a detailed physical description at any point during the application process.  We want "real" juniors to participate, and your idea for the senior portrait, interests and enthusiasm is much more important than your looks.

Q:  Does this mean I have to be an athlete?

A.  Again, No.   When we consider activities, we look at your ability to represent us to your peers.  This means that being a football player, being involved in band, and yes, even being in chess club, is all fair game to us.  And we consider activities in and out of school as well.  But, if you're not involved in anything, don't worry.  While activities are considered in the application process, it is not essential.  Your ideas for senior portraits are most important to us.

Q:  How many students can each school have enrolled in the model/rep program?

A:  Because schools are different sizes, so are the number of model/reps each school can have.  We will allow a minimum of 2 model/reps for each school, but will allow more for larger schools, such as Cumberland Valley.

Q:  What is my investment?

A:  There is a program fee of $99.  But... you get $50 towards your full senior session just for participating in the Model/Rep program... And, you get another $50 when your first referral books with us! 

Q:  Are there other costs?

A:  Other than purchasing the prints & products you want, usually, no.  We provide free senior model/rep cards, and if you run out, we'll get you more.  There are some exceptions, though.  For example, there may be additional costs if we are required to pay admission, parking, tolls, etc. to shoot your session.  Also, if travel is excessive, there may be additional fees related to this.  Our promise, though, is we'll be upfront and we'll talk about any such fees as soon as we know about them, so there won't be any surprises.

Q:  Do you require parental permission?

A.  Under Pennsylvania law, parental permission is required.


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