Tips for Seniors...


Get 2 nights of good sleep (8-12 hours) before your photo session. This will help you look fresh and energized. You’ll also feel better!

Have your clothes, accessories and props ready the night before, so you don’t miss anything when your ready to go. Make sure your clothes are clean & wrinkle-free.

Make sure your nails are clean and neatly trimmed.

Guys, a close shave just before you leave for pictures is important so your skin looks clean.

Girls, consider waxing eyebrows & stray hairs a day or two before your pictures.
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Bring Your Props!

Props can make good pictures great! The best props are ones you bring that reflect your personality, interest, hobbies and values. Here are some ideas, but don’t let this list limit you!
Sports Equipment
Musical Instruments
The Bible/Religious Books or Items
School Jacket
Anything that uniquely reflects who you are!
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