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Last Minute Touches

Girls, make sure your make-up blends into your neckline. When you look in the mirror, your neck shouldn’t look too white. Don’t overdo the makeup, though. Retouches look better with a more natural look.

Bring combs and brushes and hairspray for touch-ups. Girls, also bring make-up, curling irons, lip gloss or lip balm.

You’re The Star!

Get excited! If you “get into it,” it will show up on every shot! Have fun… consider bringing your favorite music along so you can jam a little!

Be yourself! It’s okay to move around a little and get comfortable. Sure, strike a pose, and while you shouldn’t be afraid to smile, you don’t have to smile in every picture!

Don’t be afraid to try something different! If you have an idea, share it with the photographer. Some of the best ideas come from clients!

Bring a friend! Even if you’re not including your friend in your pictures, friends (and sometimes even parents!) can offer great creative ideas!
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