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Tips for Seniors...

Help... What should I wear?!

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This is definitely one of our most common questions... and there's no right or wrong answer.

The most important thing to remember is simple:

Bring clothes that make YOU look like YOU!

You are not going to be comfortable in clothing that you don't like or aren't - well - comfortable in. And that means your pictures won't look their best.
So if you're a jeans and t-shirt person, wear them. If you love to dress up, by all means, do so. Today's senior portraits are about you and (just about) anything goes - loud colors, polka dots, zig-zags, stripes, patterns, whatever you want.

If you can't look in the mirror and say, "yeah, that looks like ME and I look great" then you probably haven't found your perfect outfit yet.
The Next Most Important Thing:
Bring different outfits. Yes, I mean different. Not just the same style of shirt in a different color.
Remember, you don't need to look "dressed up" or "cleaned up" in all your pictures. Think about it: polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and sweats, beaters, dress shirts/blouses, camies, jackets, coats, ties (really? sure... how about a bow tie!), so many choices... and that's just the top!

And if you're gonna get sports/activity-themed pictures done, make sure you go all out! A band picture isn't great without you instrument... A football player looks a lot tougher with pads and a helmet, not just a jersey. And dress shoes just don't work for a track star!

Cool senior pictures are awesome and will be ones you love for years to come. But don't forget, you might need a "formal" picture for your school yearbook. And even if you don't, Grandma (and maybe even your parents) probably will appreciate a "nice" picture better than an "cool" one. So even if it's not really you, make sure you have some nice dress clothes too.
More Tips...
• Bring multiple outfits that reflect your personality and personal taste.
• Bring clothes that complement the location that you are shooting at, but also that reflect the changing seasons.
• Solid colors photograph best. Limit the number of outfits with complicated patterns and t-shirts with writing on them.
• Earth tones (browns, greens) work well with outdoor shots.
• Generally, “calm” colors, such as black, white, gray, dark green, dark blue, brown and maroon are best for the more formal or dressy-casual portraits. Bold colors like red, pink, many blues and other bright colors can be overpowering but work great for for informal, casual and fun pictures!
• Leather jackets can be worn or “thrown on” with many different outfits for a sophisticated causal look.
• Make sure you have shoes and socks to match your clothes!
• Accessories, such as jewelry, hats and watchescan make you outfit! Keep it simple and tasteful: too much bling can look gaudy.
• Kelble Imagery offers unlimited clothing changes during your session, so don’t be afraid to bring extras!
• Check out the clothes before you bring them. Make sure they still fit right and look good in the mirror. Don’t be afraid to ask you family and friends for their input!
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