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At a location session, where can I change outfits?

This is an excellent question and one which many photographers and their clients struggle with across the country, particularly with female clients. One solution is to use a public building, usually a public restroom, to change. Another is to change in your car, but of course this can be difficult and you always run the risk of inadvertently exposing yourself to others. Still others suggest wearing an appropriate outfit (like a swimsuit) under what you will be photographed in, that way you can peel off the first outfit and put on a second without ever exposing yourself. Sometimes men will wear the same pants through the entire session, only changing their shirt. Finally, the simplest solution is to limit yourself to one outfit that you accessories differently.

While one of these solutions (or a combination of solutions) may work for you, each has one isn't a great option and has its own set of weaknesses. For example, changing in a public restroom can be cramped, dirty and could lack privacy. For this reason, we strongly suggest that the parent and senior discuss the various options with the photographer before the session so that the best option (and backup options) can be explored. We also require an adult chaperone for anyone under 18 who will be responsible for making the final decisions at the location.

A better option... since location portraiture doesn't come with it's own green room, we'll bring ours!  We offer a Class A RV which affords the ability to change in private, plus a private restroom for grooming. We call it our Mobile Photography Green Room and it's available for most senior portrait sessions.  Restrictions apply and use of the Mobile Photography Green Room may be prohibited at some locations. Additional costs may apply. 


Our senior sessions typically last about 2 hours. Most packages include at least 2 hours of time. Time starts when we begin your session and elapses continuously.

There are no restrictions on outfit changes, so you can bring as many as you'd like. We do not charge an extra fee for changing outfits. However, your session time continues to elapse during outfit changes. For this reason, we recommend 2-3 outfits that can be easily changed or modified to give different looks.

We base your session on time, not the number of poses. We'll take as many different poses as you'd like with no additional fees. We don't promise a specific number of pictures, because we focus on making great senior portraits. We've never heard a complaint that we didn't take enough, though!

We are a location photographer, and our sessions are done at a location that we mutually decide upon. Almost all senior sessions are done primarily in outdoor locations. Locations vary widely based on individual preference. For example, some students have used parts of their school or stadium, others choose park-like settings, and still others go for an "urban" look. We'll work with whatever best reflects the senior and his or her personality.  

We can also bring our "mobile studio" setup if you want traditional formal portraits. These are can usually be done in the comfort of your home. Besides being more "homey" than a studio (pardon the pun), it's very convenient if you decide on a last minute outfit change (or addition), your hair falls out of place, or you remember an accessory that you had forgotten.

When your school accepts yearbook pictures from "outside" photographers, yearbook pictures will be submitted as a complimentary service. We must receive the school's standards, submission process and deadlines in advance to ensure compliance and our ability to meet the deadlines. Many schools require students to use a designated photographer for yearbook pictures. This does not mean you have to purchase senior pictures from the designated photographer. However, in these cases, the school will not accept our images for the yearbook. The good news is that in most cases our packages are priced lower than the school's designated photographer, and many times we offer services that they don't.

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